“Advanced Electronic Stethoscope Bio” or simply – digital stethoscope allows accurately recording the maximum noise cardiopulmonary and then play them via a computer in a chart that reveals cardio-respiratory activity of the patient admitted to the emergency. Analizer Jabes system allows rapid differentiation between an asthmatic lung, intersiţial or ordinary pneumonia.


Also plays a normal heart diagram or insufficient. Its interpretation possibilities are virtually unlimited – thanks to extended frequency sound perception. Stethoscope works with analysis software (Analyzer software) that allows viewing the chart in real time, creating database, record sounds and comparing them – functions operable via a PC interface via special care. Recorded sounds and chart can be sent via e-mail for a “second opinion” in emergencies.

Technical details: Bell mode – 20Hz-200Hz; Diaphragm mode – 200Hz – 500Hz; Wide mode – 20Hz – 1000Hz. GST Technology – certified with ISO 9001: 2000 by SGS United Kingdom Ltd.