Program implementation and adaptation


The application has a part of implementation. For those who want to use the app, not individually, but in groups, organizations, pilot programs at governamental level, country level, etc, we have designed an implementation program.

We present a simplified version (Depending on requirements, we can offer more complex programs, even specialized personnel, etc.)

Steps:It must be established beforehand scope, specificity, duration of the program.Depending on how to implement these looming.

1) Preparation/Training staff – It can work with volunteers, staff specialized ,in schools ,hospitals, universities, companies, etc.We recommend teams of 2 people(minimum):-one installs the application, the other collects data and records them.Both simultaneously explain about the subject application.

2) Establishment of promotion points – We recommend a minimum of 3 points promotion.

3) Preparation kits for tests – (depending on the options beneficiary). Made use of their training.

4) Depending on your needs – preparing the necessary materials: tents, tables, chairs, supplies, promotional material, etc.

5) In parallel prepared grounds of “Analytics” – Depending on the level of implementation chosen (individually or collectively) strategy analyze.

6) If you choose a program scale (pilot or governmental) establishment of protocols and specific conventions such activities.

7) Providing options with clearly defined stages for the implementation – (Ex: 1 year, 2 years, etc.)

V.V. important !!! Program development according to the specific cultural, geographic, religious, ethnic, etc. of subjects. Adapting analyzes specific application (invasive, non invasive, etc.)There are groups of people who do not accept certain kinds of analysis, invesigationsi, etc.Methods must be adapted accordingly.

8) Ways determine what media will be used.

9) Establishment of an analysis based on the number of subjects (default if a pilot) random (the individual) or fixed (the government level, the margin of participation).

10) Establish Analysis by age groups, sex, areas, etc.

11) Using Graphics – PowerPoint presentations, etc.

About the need for PCH to NHC:

By using “Work shops” its range is extended by almost 30%.

Very many potential users, are not in the NHC records or even if they are not using, they are attending this service.Why?

They do not have time, they do not consider it necessary (many treat themselves) some even have the fear of going to the doctor, others do not trust, etc.

Our program can overcome these impediments.

He goes straight to the patient through work shops.

What is a Work Shop?

It’s a choosen place.

Multiple locations are chosen in densely populated locations:

malls (Eg: Stratford, Chalk farm, High Street Markets, Camden Street, etc. in London), Stations, Markets, etc. where our volunteers are installed.

Not less than two, but the more they are, the better.

Depending on needs, requirements.

If it’s out there, you have a tent.

A folding table, a chair. A horizontal banner, 2 vertical banners explaining what PCH wants.

Also, volunteers will be able to promote the program,

to give explanations.

On the table will be a kit (, a bottle of alcohol, some cotton wadding, gloves

The collected data will be placed in the application and sent where it is needed.

At the same time, users who are contacted will be warned of the irregularities found (glucose, tension, etc.) and advised accordingly.

The application has many ways to convince.

With a good training (which we can offer), staff can help a lot.

The opportunity to have immediate results and their instant transmission.

Very easy, cheap and simple !!!


Researches on the theories of the compared variables


We all know that temperature, weight, blood pressure, glucose, etc. are variable components of the state of the human body at a given moment.

Or organs of the human body.

They work (optimally) within certain limits.

Exceeding these limits leads to certain diagnoses.



We all know that fever episodes signal either the presence of an infection in the body or the onset of cancerous tumors. However, too low body temperature suggests a condition.


Starting from this premise, we generalize and do a study.