I got diabetes for 22 years, type II diabetes.

But most of my counsel will be valid and for those insulin dependent.

For this reason, they started and all my concerns: the desire to know more about it (before I knew nothing, not even what is) to know what kind of disease is (Nutrition) what can be done to treat it control, what must be done to try to improve it, if possible, situation.

How to take a blood sugar every time, when, etc.

These are things for a diabetic current elementary that you have to get used because, for now must live with this all his life.

From my experience gained, I want to share with others.

They say the disease (pain) makes you better, more altruistic, more understanding, etc.

That is, people with diabetes are some of the most patient people, compassionate, empathetic, etc.

So and I concluded, that all i know can help others.

I created a site health-ace.com and an application: PCH Prevention and Control of Your Health.

I had not done any of this before.

My knowledge in IT was modest.

However I have published on the Internet  (thank God) isFREE and we provided free.

They say any charitable activity must be Pro Bono (Free).

Now I want to customize, this chapter is for my friends diabetics.

It is known, that up to this time, diabetes can not be cured.

But with our help can be tamed, supervised, and not to be a burden, so great danger.

What I’m offering you here are tips from my experience and studies ,that can help immensely.

That does not mean you have to give up doctor, on the contrary I recommend you keep a closer connection with your doctor and strictly respect the recommended treatment fro him.

So what I do my self.

I’ll tell you how to use two of utilities from  application, to adjust blood sugar levels as close to normal.

Also I will describe a diet , that I practice.

Very important is diet regime prescribed by specialists in diabetes consult by( me.

Anything from me.

As we warned in throughout application, it does not want and can not replace doctors.

The app will help you keep track only by measurements, the evolution of your health status.

And when something is wrong, it must go to the doctor warns.

Chapter Glucose (blood test) if you activate the up arrow, you will be able to access the two utilities:



These things we use to adjust concomitant diabetes.


Very simple.

We fixed some data when we take the glycaemia.

This depends on the financial capacity to invest in strips.

If you buy in bulk you will be fine.

I recommend online sites that sell 50-100  piece once.

The first analysis is recognized by everyone, that in the morning.

It is also called, fasting(a jeune), on an empty stomach.

Then, depending on your time anlize at least 3-4 per day.

After a week you will learn  themselves  timing and  how many analyzes/day

After each analysis pass immediately result in Graph.

Those who  have a Bluetooth device to , will use BT mode and the result is recorded automatically.

I said that using Graph and Notes must be done simultaneously.


At the time of what was noted ,what eaten, quantity and time.

This Special attention needs to be done, and sincerity and binding.

So we know:

What makes us better and makes us sick.

The amounts will thus be minimized or why not even up.

Some food (depends organism to organism) are tolerated, others not.

Beer at  me is not tolerated at all, the effect of beer (330ml) is equivalent to 1 liter of wine.

Not that I would get drunk, but the effect on blood sugar.

So carefully noted everything about food, rest, mood, etc.

Mood is very important.

Between us diabetics run a legend: “I diabetes, but I did from stress”

I think, all of you noticed, that if you have a good mood (due to a successful, good news, a win, a positive outcome to something, etc.) blood sugar does not go crazy (in a negative sense) even if you competed least measure ( I do not mean to drink with it not joking) I mean yes a slice cake,  chocolate candy, a glass of dry wine, etc No Problem.

These tips are general, for starters.

We detailed the process.

Let’s get to Graph: very important in this regularization.

In general chart of a diabetic it is messy, and this is very bad.

Some even know, but for those who do not know: sudden increases and decreases are the worst to diabetes.


Once the blood has passed through the large arteries and small capillaries reach the network. Capillaries vases are short (0.5 cm) in diameter and microscopic (less than 20μ).

They are very numerous realizing a total length of 2500 km. and an area of 6200 sqm.

Many factors tissue, which can alter the physical and chemical caliber capillaries. These increases and decreases in blood sugar can be key factors in this process of change.

In these circumstances, the capillaries lose their strength, become brittle, break easily and permeable, sometimes massive, fluid in the interstitial space, producing sometimes or more often microbleeds, edema.

When you go to a specialist doctor will examine your eyes , control  your legs and tip.

There is the most obvious symptom for diabetes.

Following these “explosions” in the eyes of those signs appear broken dishes and foot painful, hurt.

That is only a small part of the damage caused by diabetes, and just the beginning.

I told them why: it is strictly related to the Graph.

Here’s how Graph for diabetes show a “rebel”:





For one good blood test, the graph should look softer, smoother.

Without sudden rupture.

And here’s what you look like blood sugar “normal”.



So this must we do to tame this graphic to make this line become more “sweet”.

And that consistently.

Once resolute strategy to get to work.

For questions and details please use my email address or contact@health-ace.com in  the site.